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I know, I haven’t been updating at all lately.  Family stuff and work have devoured my life, and I haven’t been gaming solo at all.  Ed and I have been pouring mucho hours into Chrono Cross, but I don’t feel like blogging through that one at all.  I just want to sit there and be blown away by it’s awesome.  In any case, I’m on my way back, and should start updating again in the next little while.


Dead Days…

Hey, I haven’t forgotten this blog, I promise! With holiday madness, I’ve built a new computer for myself and Ed as Christmas presents, and getting them up and running and fixing the kinks has been taking up all my free time. I long for the opportunity to sit down and just play some video games again. In any case, we hit a breaking point yesterday, so my system should be back up and running within the next couple days. Thanks for the patience of anyone who’s actually reading this thing.